Working Center Overview

The Working Center is exactly as it sounds. It is a long, 2 1/4″, replacement tip for the Oneway Tailcenter. It matches the taper and replaces the existing tip.

Once installed, it extends the tip 1 3/4″ beyond the end of the threaded nose. This allows for clearance all around the tailcenter as you work. The Hunter Working Center isn’t sharply pointed, allowing the center to gently contact work to hold it in place. Even though rounded, soft materials and finished goods will do well to have a small piece of padding between the nose and the work. It fit perfectly into the Oneway tailcenter and any similar designs using the tapered pin.

Use your imagination for the application of the Working Center.  It gives you extra space in and around things whether cutting, sanding, finishing, or artistic decoration. Well made and fully functional, if you are using your tailcenter and need some extra working room, the Working Center might be the answer to your needs.

For additional information, Kurt Hertzog did a March 2019 review in More Woodturning.  More Woodturning is a great on-line Woodturning magazine that is generally up to date with new product reviews.


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