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Branches To Bowls Ltd.PackardBuffalo Wood Turning Products
Turningwood.comWilly Vanhoutte – BelgiumVince’s Wood N Wonders   (Jeffersonville, IN)
Verktoy – Norway

Canadian Distributor

All of the Hunter carbide woodturning tools are all made in the USA.  Each carbide lathe tool is shipped completely assembled and ready to use.

The Hunter Tool components consist of the cutter, screw and torx wrench. Each part is matched to the specific size. For example, the # 1 cutter uses the # 1 screw and the # 1 wrench. The torx wrench is included for rotation of the carbide cutter.

All tools are complete and ready to use regardless of whether you purchase them through a retailer or online. Be careful when changing the cutter as “Murphy’s Law” is: “The screw will fall in the chips and you will not find it.” Even though the cutters last a long time, it is recommended to purchase a spare cutter for use as needed.

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