Carbide Woodturning Tools

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The Hunter Tool uses a very fine grain of carbide specifically engineered to meet the sharp tooling requirements demanded by the woodturning community

  • Proficient in rough turning operations
  • Excel best in finish cuts to help eliminate or reduce sanding operations
  • The carbide cutter will last up to 100 times longer than quality HSS
  • When dull simply rotate the cutter
  • When rotated all around, simply replace the cutter with a new tip
  • Tools can be ordered with or without wood handles
  • If you use manufactured handles, the Hunter Tool shanks are turned to fit standard handles
  • Be sure to check out the Retrofit Section for tools to fit into the popular captured hollowing systems


Who We Are

Hunter Carbide WoodTurning Tools has developed four product catagories of wood turning tools for both the hobby Woodturner and the Professional Wood Turner.  The Hunter Woodturning tools are used by many professional wood turners especially in their hollowing operations.

About the Tools

The Hunter Carbide is a nano-grain structure of carbide manufactured to provide an extremely sharp carbide tool cutter.  Tool life is 25 – 100 times your expectations vs high quality HSS.  All Hunter Carbide tools are manufactured in America to high quality standards.  New woodturning cutters, torx screws, and torx wrenches are reasonably priced and readily available.

The Hunter Carbide Wood Turning cutters are a productive method to turn wood, especially in hollowing operations.  The Hunter Carbide Woodturning Tool is sharpened and ready to use.  There is no grinding or lapping of the Hunter Cutters.  Let’s chuck up the hardest piece of maple you have in your shop.  Better yet, let’s do some end grain work.  Do you have a burl with some dirt or a rock in it?  Or should we turn some quartz filled material?  The Hunter Carbide Woodturning Cutters will cut the wood and not scrape the wood.

The Four Categories

The four categories’ of Hunter Woodturning Tools are:

  • Straight Turning / Hollowing Tools
  • Swan Neck Hollowing Tools
  • Retro fit Tools
  • Osprey and Hercules for outside diameter turning


Hunter Tool Company offers a large selection of carbide wood turning tools.  They are used by hobby wood turners to professional woodturners to turn pens, boxes, bowls, platters or hollow forms to the vast variety of wood turned forms.  The Hunter Wood Turning cutter excels at rough hollowing cuts to fine finish cuts ready for sanding.  The tools excel at hollowing end grain and easily turn the transition area from a box bottom to the sides of an end grain box.


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