Adjuster Center Overview

The standard round shafted Hunter hollowing tool and put an adjustable angle swivel on the end. The angle of the cutter and a short length of shaft (about 5/8″) are adjustable from straight on to a bit less than 90 degrees.

  • The Adjuster tool will allow you to pivot and lock the head in any position from slightly less than 90 degrees left to slightly less than 90 degrees right.
  • The adjustment angle locking screw is the same Torx head size as the cutter mounting screw.
  • The beauty of this adjustable head is you can do nearly everything with one tool.
  • Tools are available with a 12” handle or without a handle.
  • Replacement parts are readily available.  Both Adjuster tools use the # 1 Cutter, # 1 Screw and the # 1 or T-9 Torx Wrench.

The above pictures detail a sequence to use The Adjuster. 

  1. Start out straight on to create the entrance hole and drill to depth. While straight, do the initial hollowing.  With the cutter straight, it is important to turn the tool to about a 45 degree tilt angle..
  2. As needed, retract the cutter and adjust the angle slightly.
  3. Progressively hollow, adjusting the angle of the head as needed.
  4. Both tools use the same cutter and have the same length of adjustment arm. 
  5. The only difference between the 3/8” shaft and 1/2” shaft is the shaft diameter.   
  6. Like any tool that extends off-axis, care must be taken to avoid catches.
  7. The Adjuster is a finesse tool.  Do not take aggressive cuts.
  8. To avoid chip packing, be sure to blow out chips in the hollow form.

The following link is useful information to use the tool. 

For additional information, Kurt Hertzog did a March 2019 review in More Woodturning.  More Woodturning is a great on-line Woodturning magazine that is generally up to date with new product reviews.  The review of the Working Center link is: 


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