Take it from them:

“These tips should be standard issue on all hollowing tools. I will be using them and mentioning them on my DVD. Thanks, Mike”

“They did very well! Still haven’t dulled one yet.”


“Thanks again for demoing at our June meeting at Jon’s, it was very informative…I hope that we were of some help to you. Jon told me of your success in Louisville..it sounds as though this thing could take off for you… Good luck…will be looking for your tools in the catalogs!”


“It works great for hollowing a thin goblet. It could very well be the best tool I have ever used for this purpose. Not having to sharpen it 3 times is a real benefit. I use a captured bar with a laser light, and keeping a tool sharp is a pain. I hollow them out to finish at a scant 1/16″ thickness, and it takes a sharp tool to make a good cut without chatter, and leave a good surface on the wood.”

“Yes. Go ahead and ship the #4. Looking forward to it. By the way, I’m fairly new to turning, and had grand ideas when I purchased many board feet of purpleheart. I have tried cutting, scraping and even some specialized hollowing tools, with mixed results. For the most part, it was a very frustrating experience. Like someone with terminal herpes, I grasped at one last straw before getting rid of my purpleheart. Your tool was that last gasp. Not quite as dramatic as I make it out to be, but it is fun turning again. Should you happen photograph your finished mallet, I think it would be inspiring to see a real creation in purpleheart, after all the frustration.

P.S. I actually stopped turning for 1-1/2 years, primarily due to my losing battles with purpleheart. Just started to turn again.”


“I need a couple of the replacement cutters, and one complete cutter and shaft. I’ve been using it for roughing out some wood that was pretty abrasive, and I must say that it’s working very well for me and I’m using it on nearly everything. It’s too aggressive for finish cuts and working way over in a shoulder (for me) but I don’t want to do without it now.”

“It is an excellent product. I will continue to promote!!

Take care and thanks again!”


Regarding the No. 5 Tool:
“I really like the bigger tool with the taper down to the 3/8″ tip. I use this tool for hollowing goblets, and the more mass in the tool, the better I like it. I am not going any deeper than with the 3/8″ dia. shank, but I am doing it with less chatter and a better finish, and that is a benefit for t”he inside of a thin vessel. The thing that separates the goblet from other hollow forms is that the inside has to be finished, and the less sanding the better.”


“I’ve got to tell you that for the longest time, I just wasn’t convinced that your ring tool was necessary. I knew that it was a good tool, but did we really need it? Recently I was turning the bottoms of some curved platters that I do and decided to try it (I had a couple tools on my shelf collecting dust). I’m sold! It work extremely well. More important, I had a time savings of about 25 to 30 percent while turning my platters. Thanks for a great tool.”



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