Frequently Asked Questions about the Hunter Carbide Woodturning Tool System

How do you know when the cutter is dull?

The Hunter cutters are extremely sharp and with proper care the tools will give you long tool life. My recommendation is to do a random rotation every time you use the tool. When the turning starts to fuzz up, then it is time for a new cutter. Every time you turn some wet wood, it is always good practice to disassemble the tool and lubricate the threads on the screw.

Can I order Hunter tools with/without a handle?

The Hunter carbide lathe tools can be ordered either with a wood turned wood handle or without handles. The manufactured handles are very popular and all of the carbide lathe tools have standard shanks to fit these readily available handles.

How do you sharpen the Hunter Carbide Woodturning cutter?

The cutters are razor sharp as shipped. There is no grinding or lapping of the tool recommended. Depending on size, a new cutter is only $20.00 to $21.00 and it is recommended to install a new cutter.

How long will these Hunter Carbide Wood Turning cutters last?

The literature states 25 – 30 times tool life as compared to high quality HSS. Some woodturner’s state they have used the same tool for one year or longer. As with any high quality edge, to prevent chipping, use care to store the tool.

Can you use standard screws as available at the local hardware stores?

The tool is furnished with a torx screw and flag style torx wrench. The torx screw has a taper that matches the taper on the cutter that helps securely lock the cutter in the tool shaft.

Is the torx wrench a standard size?

Depending on size of the Hunter Carbide cutter … the torx screw size is a standard T-9 or T-15. A flag style torx wrench is provided … the screw is to be finger tight and with the use of the flag style wrench, it is impossible to use a “cheater bar.” The torx wrench is included for rotation of the carbide cutter.

When using the Hunter Wood Turning tool parallel to the rest blade, it grabs and becomes self-feeding. Why?

The tool is to be run at a 30 – 45 degree angle to the tool rest. This sets up a shear cut for smooth catch free cutting. On the web site, please review the some of tutorials. These effectively demonstrate the 30 – 45 angle to the tool rest.

Is this tool only for hollowing?

The Hunter Carbide Wood Turning tools works very well on side grain and end grain turning. It is often a “go to” for “freehand turning.” For outside diameter or open form turnings please see the Hercules Tools, Osprey Tool selection or the Mate Series of tool.

For the stabilized hollowing systems, check out the Retrofit Tools. There are tools available to fit the popular hollowing systems. Tool shanks are available for 3/16” square shank, ¼” square shank an 3/16” round shank tools.
For box hollowing, check out the Badger Series of tools both straight shank and swan neck tools available.

For small hollow forms and Christmas ornaments, please take a look at the # 1 Taper set of tools.


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