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Carbide Turning Tools That Cut Wood.

We cut end grain, side grain, knots, and bark inclusions.  We like controlled precision cuts and excel at cutting very hard dense woods.

The Hunter Tool will Cut Just About Everything That You Want to Throw at it

The Hunter Tool uses a very fine grain of carbide specifically engineered to meet the sharp tooling requirements demanded by the woodturning community. Our woodturning tools are simply unmatched in the industry.

woodturning tools
“I’ve got to tell you that for the longest time, I just wasn’t convinced that your ring tool was necessary. I knew that it was a good tool, but did we really need it? Recently I was turning the bottoms of some curved platters that I do and decided to try it (I had a couple tools on my shelf collecting dust). I’m sold! It work extremely well. More important, I had a time savings of about 25 to 30 percent while turning my platters. Thanks for a great tool.”
Bob T.
Woodworker - USA

How to Pick the Right Woodturning Tool

Wondering where to get started when shopping for woodturning tools? Picking the right Hunter tool does not have to be complicated, so we’ve narrowed it down for you by the type of project you could be working on: 

Small Projects

Looking for tools to use on small spindle turnings such as pens, bottle stoppers or other small projects? Hunter Tools offers two good choices; the #1 Hercules and the #1 Osprey. New turners will find the #1 Hercules easy to use as it is built on a 3/8” square shank which helps control the razor sharp carbide cutter. The #1 Osprey is a 3/8” round shank tool and works just like a traditional gouge. Both tools allow the user to turn cleanly cut coves, beads, roughing cuts or finish cuts.

Shop # 1 Hercules and # 1 Osprey Tools

Wooden woodturning projects carbide tools
Carbide Wood Turning Tools Woodturning tools for wood carving projects

Small Hollowed Items

If you like to turn small hollow forms such as hollow globe Christmas ornaments, boxes, ort bowls or other small hollowed items the #1 Taper 3-piece set is an excellent choice. The #1 Taper straight tool can open up a hollow form to provide room for the swan neck #1 Taper back tool (or shoulder tool) or the #1 Taper C-hook tool. The #1 Taper shoulder tool allows controlled access to the area around the opening under the shoulder of a hollow form. The #1 Taper C-hook tool cleans up the belly of small hollow forms. Once the swan neck tools have done their jobs, the #1 Taper straight tool can clean up the bottom and thin that area.

Shop #1 Tapered HookShoulder and Straight Tools

Larger Projects with Grain

For larger projects involving side grain and face grain, such as bowls and platters, the Hunter #2 Osprey and the #3 Hercules are great choices. The #3 Hercules can be used to rough down the gnarliest burls and the hardest blanks. Built on a 5/8” square shank, the #3 Hercules has the mass and the strength to control the downward shocks and interruption of roughing cuts, yet will leave a finish approaching finish quality. The #3 Hercules is ideal for rough turning green wood and finish cuts on seasoned wood. The #2 Osprey operates like a gouge with a razor sharp carbide tip. Just like a gouge the Osprey can be rotated on its round shaft to its “sweet spot” and peel off fine shavings, forming coves and beads and smoothing flat surfaces with ease.

Shop  # 2 Osprey and # 3 Hercules Tools

Wood bowls woodturning projects carbide tools
Wood bowls woodturning projects carbide tools

Hollow Forms

For boxes, bowls with undercut rims, vases and other hollow forms, the long and strong Hunter Badger #5 straight and swan neck tools are the best choices. Both tools are fabricated on round 5/8” shafts with tapers near the cutting edge where 3/8” round carbide cutters do the work. The Badger #5 Straight tool can hollow to the user’s desired depth and open up the form to provide room for the Badger #5 Swan neck. The Badger swan neck has the perfect shape to reach under the rim of boxes or hollow forms for difficult under cuts. The strength of the shaft on both tools helps to eliminate chatter which results in cleaner cuts and less sanding.

Shop # 5 Badger Straight and # 5 Badger Swan Neck Tools

Regarding the No. 5 Tool: “I really like the bigger tool with the taper down to the 3/8″ tip. I use this tool for hollowing goblets, and the more mass in the tool, the better I like it. I am not going any deeper than with the 3/8″ dia. shank, but I am doing it with less chatter and a better finish, and that is a benefit for the inside of a thin vessel. The thing that separates the goblet from other hollow forms is that the inside has to be finished, and the less sanding the better.”
Russ W.
Woodturner - Germany

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Our woodturning tools are not just for Americans. Friends in Europe can now get their purchases shipped straight from the UK.

If ordering from the other side of the Atlantic, please go through our European site located at huntertoolseurope.co.uk


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