"It works great for hollowing a thin goblet. It could very well be the best tool I have ever used for this purpose. Not having to sharpen it 3 times is a real benefit. I use a captured bar with a laser light, and keeping a tool sharp is a pain. I hollow them out to finish at a scant 1/16" thickness, and it takes a sharp tool to make a good cut without chatter, and leave a good surface on the wood. "

"Yes. Go ahead and ship the #4. Looking forward to it. By the way, I'm fairly new to turning, and had grand ideas when I purchased many board feet of purpleheart. I have tried cutting, scraping and even some specialized hollowing tools, with mixed results. For the most part, it was a very frustrating experience. Like someone with terminal herpes, I grasped at one last straw before getting rid of my purpleheart. Your tool was that last gasp. Not quite as dramatic as I make it out to be, but it is fun turning again. Should you happen photograph your finished mallet, I think it would be inspiring to see a real creation in purpleheart, after all the frustration.

P.S. I actually stopped turning for 1-1/2 years, primarily due to my losing battles with purpleheart. Just started to turn again."