The Viceroy is the latest addition to the long established Hunter Tool Systems product line. Designed and manufactured by Hunter Tool, the Viceroy is a versatile tool for both outside and inside diameter turning.

The Viceroy Tool is available in two sizes:

# 1 Viceroy, 3/8” square shank

# 1 Viceroy, 1/2” square shank.

Both tools use the proven performance # 1 Hunter Cutter.  The 3/8” tool shank will fit into a 1/2” shank handle; the 1/2” tool will fit in a 5/8” shank handle.

The Viceroy makes woodturning a breeze.  The # 1 Hunter Cutter is positioned on the left side of the tool.  The front tilt geometry makes it virtually impossible to get a catch.  The cutter is set at 20 degree front tilt.  This position of the cutter is makes this tool user friendly for both rough and finish cuts.


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