Hunter Tool Demonstrations

The following videos are sample demonstrations of the Hunter woodturning tools.


Osprey Tools

#1 Osprey Tool:

#2 Osprey Tool:


Hercules Tools

#1 Hercules Tool:

#3 Hercules Tool:



Tapered Tools

#1 Tapered Hook tool:

#1 Tapered Shoulder Tool:



#1 Tapered Hook Tool Final:



Badger Tools

#5 Badger Swan Neck Tool Final:

#5 Badger Tool:

Other Tutorials

The Hunter Tool Cutters are an easy to use and productive method to turn wood. Let's chuck up the hardest piece of maple that you have in your workshop. Better yet, let's do some end grain work. Do you have a burl with some dirt in it? Perhaps there might be a small rock or two in the burl or should we turn some quartz filled material!!!

The Hunter Tool will cut just about everything that you want to throw at it. Once the tool dulls, just turn the edge to a new section of the tool. Once it wears out replace the tool tip. There is no grinding or lapping of the tool.