Regarding the No. 5 Tool:
"I really like the bigger tool with the taper down to the 3/8" tip. I use this tool for hollowing goblets, and the more mass in the tool, the better I like it. I am not going any deeper than with the 3/8" dia. shank, but I am doing it with less chatter and a better finish, and that is a benefit for t"he inside of a thin vessel. The thing that separates the goblet from other hollow forms is that the inside has to be finished, and the less sanding the better."


"I've got to tell you that for the longest time, I just wasn't convinced that your ring tool was necessary. I knew that it was a good tool, but did we really need it? Recently I was turning the bottoms of some curved platters that I do and decided to try it (I had a couple tools on my shelf collecting dust). I'm sold! It work extremely well. More important, I had a time savings of about 25 to 30 percent while turning my platters. Thanks for a great tool."